200,000 Escher’s client saw more success with 24.4 million messages, with a peak of 200,000 messages in one day.
Agents can scan a barcode with a preloaded device and are up and running within minutes.
11,500 11,500 Remote Locations were rolled out between June and September.

Escher’s mobile solution expands Logistics Providers network

The Background

The recent explosion in eCommerce has been driving parcels business in post offices around the world, leading to increased profits and diversified offerings. Since 2009, revenues in the parcel business have risen by an average of about 10.5 percent a year. As the parcel business generates a significant amount of revenue for this logistics provider, it invested substantially in its parcel network to fuel positive performance and bolster success. This investment helps parcels join the traditional mail operation and digital products as key pillars in its business. The eCommerce and parcel sector makes an imperative contribution to the overall success of this client.

The Challenges

This logistics company has a traditional domestic retail network of more than 12,000 postal retail outlets in Europe. Although plentiful, in order to capitalize on the eCommerce business, it needed to expand its reach. With shoppers’ appetite for buying online showing no sign of slowing down, consumers want to minimize the worry of missing deliveries and are demanding a whole new level of convenience on where and when to pick up parcels. In order to meet these demands, this company decided to establish up to 15,000 ‘Remote Locations’ (RL) to enlarge its existing network.

These RLs are a network of agents who provide services around parcel delivery and acceptance. The agents are businesses already established in various geographical areas with longer hours, allowing customers to be able to choose a location convenient to them, at a time that works for them.

In order to incentivize agents to add the RL transactions onto its service offerings, this organization needed to identify a cost-effective solution to automate and integrate transaction processes within its existing back-end systems. Escher’s long-term client also wanted to minimize hardware investment, with a preference to reuse the agents’ current mobile devices for automation. In addition, to future-proof the solution, it was looking for a responsive, open and modular solution which would provide the option of centrally managing or deploying upcoming software updates and additional services to the RL network.

The Solution

This logistics provider has been an Escher Group client since 1998, rolling out more than 20,000 counter workstations, forming a close relationship. So when it started its digital transformation process it consulted with Escher Group to identify the optimum solution in line with its core business goals on how to increase its parcel business network.

Escher configured a unique solution using MobileRiposte to automate the RLs. MobileRiposte provides robust transaction handling, a comprehensive set of standard transactions, and flexibility to adapt typical transactions to specific customer requirements. MobileRiposte also increases additional, specific transactions based on the exact business requirements of the organization.

Keeping costs down for the agents, MobileRiposte supports a variety of hardware and software platforms, including the ability to use existing Motorola scanners and the flexibility to move the solution to other and newer hardware in the future. To kickstart the program, the company has provided agents with a Motorola device, logon card, and user manual. When the agents get their starter kit, the devices are already pre-loaded with software. Their instructions come with an individual barcode that is specific to their business.

Agents can then scan the barcode with the preloaded device and are up and running within minutes. The packet also includes a Bluetooth Printer and instructions on how to connect the printer with the device. The overall cost for the solution is kept at a minimum, with low or no cost hardware and minimal training, lowering the barrier of entry for agents.

The Benefits

The logistics provider released the RL system in June of 2015. It was rolled out to 11,500 RLs by the end of September 2015 effectively expanding its network by thousands within three months. Due to initial success, it increased the number of RLs even further over the next calendar year. In 2016, Escher’s client saw more success with 24.4 million messages, with a peak of 200,000 messages is one day.

This European company has already extended the number of services offered in RL to include product sales and inventory management as part of the application, which add further capabilities such as selling postage labels and other retail products. Since MobileRiposte is adaptable, this was a quick, central rollout to existing RL agents, thus helping to increase revenues with both new and existing customers.

Escher Group

Founded in 1989, Escher Group is a world-leading provider of point-of-service software. With offices in five countries across the globe, we work with customers in over 35 countries. Our core software, Riposte®, together with its wider Transaction Management Platform, can be used in the postal, retail, and logistics industries to enable enterprises to expand their offerings and provide new services. The Riposte® platform can also operate at significant scale and solve the complex problems for enterprises and central and local governments as they eliminate paper and transition to fully digital processes in their commercial interactions. As a digital transaction management platform, it ensures the same transaction experience on a desktop, enterprise mobile device, consumer mobile device, the web, through a third-party agent, or as a cloud-based managed service deployment. Escher Group is part of Escher Group Holdings plc which trades on the London Stock Exchange.

Escher client

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