Postal Operator Secure rapid expansion of sales force and network with minimal investment Gain additional revenue from product and availability outside of standard hours Increase competitiveness with other delivery services by offering more convenience for consumers Greater eCommerce transactions due to streamlined delivery and returns processes Real-time data, accounts and reports assist decision making
Agent Network Additional income that comes with the sales of postal products Increased footfall through offering postal services to their consumers Limited training required for employees Hardware is kept to a minimum as a mobile device or desktop, and a printer only being required
Consumer Increased options for locations to send and receive parcels, conduct returns, purchase mailing supplies, perform financial transactions or other postal business Extension of opening times for more convenience in completing postal transactions Reduction of waiting of times Greater flexibility in dealings with the Postal Operator Simpler and hassle free eCommerce

Posts have the ultimate flexibility when they are choosing deployment options for our Agent apps. The Agent apps can be delivered via mobile device, desktop or internet and integrates with a dynamic printer for labels and receipts (physical/ digital). Most importantly, all data and transactions are automatically transferred to the Post’s central management system.

With minimal investment, Posts can extend their network by placing postal technology into existing brick and mortar locations. They can meet service obligations, develop revenue streams, and provide convenient mail and postal services to consumers.