Postal Operator Leverage accurate real-time data to develop better consumer profiles Build consumer databases for email and direct-mail campaigns Cross and upsell products based on consumer history, preferences, and needs Gain a competitive edge in the form of service as a key differentiator Faster transaction times lead to increased transaction volumes
Post Office Dynamically address busy periods by scheduling employee availability and mPOS availability for peaks seasons Provide a personalized consumer experience Make product recommendations based on consumer history Make product recommendations based on consumer history Improve employee satisfaction by empowering employees to develop new skillsets outside the counter
Consumer Reduced waiting times in the Post Office Pick up click and collects more conveniently Avail of personalized rewards, discounts and offers Get real-time information and query resolution from postal employees Consistent omni-channel experience

As part of an omni-channel experience, Postal Operators can refine their product mix by examining consumer data gathered before, during, and after sales. With accurate real-time data, they can cross- and up-sell products based on consumer shopping habits, while coordinating activities across the branch network.

Equipped with mPOS, postal employees can help consumers send parcels, purchase retail items, make payments, pickup click and collects and more. Consumers can start a transaction in the lobby and then complete it at the counter where necessary.

mPOS transforms Post Office lobbies into a ‘consumer service triage’. Employees can access consumer accounts allowing them to service consumers immediately during busy periods or seasonal peaks. Consumers get immediate service, real-time information, and quick turnarounds. Consumers are more likely to return to the branch knowing employees are available to help with queries quickly.