Postal Operator Generate additional revenue from eCommerce, parcel deliveries and more Establish role as trusted intermediary for identity-required services, such as passports Develop an ecosystem with service providers, governments, and cross-border partners Coordinate accounts, products, and marketing Increase cross- and up-sell opportunities with discounts, promotions, and loyalty offers
Consumer Send, receive, hold and redirect items Convenient self-registration, account management, and order history Stress-free shopping from any Internet-enabled device Calculate postage, find locations & opening times, arrange click and collects Schedule, pay, and query utility, banking, and other bills on the go

Internet postal services provides Postal Operators with the agility to reflect changing consumer preferences, deliver a harmonious omni-channel experience, and capitalize on new opportunities in, for example, identity services, social media, and eCommerce. In addition, APIs expand indirect sales channels by encouraging eCommerce sites to utilize products and services, leading to new revenue streams.

For consumers, Internet postal solutions provide the control, convenience, and tools to perform postal services from any PC, phone or tablet. Consumers can manage the entire postal experience for themselves through any Internet- enabled device. They can send, track and receive mail on the go. It provides immediate visibility on transaction history, payment status, communications, and eReceipts.

Using the Internet as a channel, Postal Operators can connect more frequently with consumers, provide loyalty program offers, and establish better consumer profiles.