In-store Identify, engage, and capitalize on in-store trends, patterns, and preferences Refine the consumer experience across multiple touchpoints and interactions Convert browsers to buyers by assisting with purchasing decisions, queries, and line-busting Increase average transaction value, repeat purchases, and loyalty Optimize floor productivity by understanding how consumers browse, shop, and interact
At Home Empower busy consumers to search, find, and buy postal items at home, rather than visit the local Post Office. Improve retention rates by delivering convenient easy-to-access home-based services Save time and avoid lines by completing postal transactions at their own convenience Enable consumers to start transactions at home, then complete final step at Post Office Simplify eCommerce and parcel with greater control of delivery lifecycle
On the Go Provide services and products that support your consumers’ increasingly mobile lifestyle. Develop greater trust and engagement with alerts, notifications, and tracking Increase engagement with intuitive, self-service responsive applications Use geo-location capabilities to provide personalized, location-based offers Strengthen engagement by delivering a consistent experience across devices and channels Improve consumer responses and reactions to promotions and advertising

Our Point of Service solution creates better consumer experiences across every channel. Get closer to your consumers, improve interactions, and boost conversion rates.