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Business Description

Escher Group Holdings plc and its wholly owned subsidiaries (collectively the “Group”) are a leading provider of distributed messaging and data management solutions and services.

The Group develops, markets and sells enterprise-wide software applications for post office counter automation and distributed network communication.

The Group’s principal customers are international postal services. The Group services these customers from their offices in Ireland, the United States, Singapore, South Africa and the United Kingdom.


As an Irish incorporated company, Escher Group Holdings plc is subject to the Irish Takeover Rules.

Reports and Announcements

Latest Reports

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Latest Announcements

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Constitutional Documents

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Aug 3, 2011 Admission Document July 25, 2011 Certificate of Incorporation July 15, 2011 Registration Document July 14, 2011 Memorandum and Articles of Association  
Securities in Issue

As at 31 December 2016 Escher Group Holdings plc has 18,733,835 ordinary shares in issue. There are no shares held as Treasury Shares nor are there any other securities in issue. Shares in Escher Group Holdings plc are not traded, or admitted to be traded, on any exchanges or trading platforms other than AIM.

There are currently no share restrictions in place.



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Corporate Governance Code

There is no required corporate governance regime in Ireland, but the Directors recognize the importance of sound corporate governance and confirm that, following Admission, they intend to comply with the Corporate Governance Guidelines, to the extent appropriate for a company of its nature and size and propose to follow, where possible, the recommendations in the Corporate Governance Guidelines.


Advisors and Registrars

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Meetings and Voting

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